Our 2016 Retirees

Verne “Butch” Brodeur

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Verne is retiring after 10 years as a technician for Microscope Services where he repaired and provided maintenance to over 1,000 microscopes throughout campus and the Medical Center. “We will miss Butch’s kindhearted nature and the personal attention he gave to his customers.” – Katie Jaramillo, Distribution Services

Mary Fields

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Mary will be retiring with 25 years of service to UC Davis. Approximately 11 years ago she transferred to Procurement, where her skills earned her the role of manager of the commodities team. When she retires at the end of the month, she plans to focus on her family and travelling. 

Judy Heberle

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Judy retires as Financial Analyst and has spent 25 years at UC Davis, 23 of those with Safety Services. Judy will be enjoying retirement with her husband, who retired a few years ago, singing in the church choir and pursuing other musical opportunities.

Carol Lawson

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Carol, an industrial hygienist with Environmental Health and Safety, is retiring after 37 years at UC Davis, making her the longest-serving UC Davis employee currently at Safety Services. Carol’s UC Davis experience actually began in the mid-70s when she came to campus as an undergraduate in physiology. “I will miss my colleagues. We have a tremendous wealth of knowledge at our fingertips here. I will miss the camaraderie of all of us working together to solve an issue.” – Carol Lawson

Jesse Mijangos

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Jesse has served UC Davis Accounting and Financial Services for over 40 years, starting in 1976. “If I were asked to sum up Jesse in a few words I would have to say ‘excellent customer service.’ He has such a friendly, helpful nature and is truly invested in the success of UC Davis,” – Jennifer Carmichael, Distribution Services. Carmichael also mentioned that his file is full of letters of appreciation to Jesse over the years.

Jill Blackwelder Parker

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Jill retires as Associate Vice Chancellor for Safety Services having served 16 years at UC Davis. She has overseen a wide array of programs, including Business Services, Emergency Management and Mission Continuity, Environmental Health and Safety, Fire Prevention, Information Technology Services, Institutional Animal Care and Use, Occupational Health and Teaching and Research Animal Care Services. Her service will be greatly missed. Eric Kvigne will act as Interim AVC for Safety Services.

Gil Sebastian

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Gil retires as Benefits Supervisor for Human Resources and has served UC Davis for over 30 years. After his heart surgery in 2011, coworker Guerren Solbach added cow spots to the walls of Gil’s office as an office prank and they have stayed up since just recently.

Barbara Takemoto-Weerts

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Barbara retires with over 22 years at UC Davis, most recently as the Purchasing Coordinator for Shared Services Center. Barbara will be retiring on the same day as her husband, David Takemoto-Weerts.

Damon Williams

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Damon retires as Electrical Superintendent at Utilities and has worked here for close to 20 years. “I like the people, the comradery, the university environment. I like knowing that my efforts to keep the lights on and electricity flowing are potentially helping our country’s future leaders, scientists, and researchers excel and reach their full academic potential.” – Damon Williams

Virgil Velarde

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Working in Building Maintenance Services for Facilities Management, Virgil has served UC Davis for over 23 years.

Ronald Burch

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Ronald has worked at UC Davis for over 30 years for Facilities Management, working in both the campus storehouse and the electric shop. “The best part of working at UC Davis was making all the friends that I did and meeting all the people out on campus,” – Ronald Burch.

Steve Galduroz

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Steve works in Structural Systems for Facilities Management and has served UC Davis for over 31 years.

Larry Kaake

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Larry retires from Fleet Services having served at UC Davis for over 14 years.

Victor Lukas

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Vic retires as the Campus Attending Veterinarian, responsible for the overall care of animals used in research and teaching at UC Davis. He began his career serving as a veterinarian in the Peace Corps, serving two years in Grenada, West Indies. He will be relocating to Sedona, Arizona to enjoy a sunny retirement.

Shirley Nichols

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Shirley has worked for UC Davis in Mail Services for 18 years, working for the majority as Senior Mail Processor. “In all the years I have worked with Shirley, there has not been a day where she has not approached her work with a smile and a can-do attitude,” – Jennifer Carmichael, Distribution Services.

Jim Rose

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“Jim Rose has contributed much to the UC Davis Accounting & Financial Services Department in the past 10+ years. He truly enjoys helping our customers, and has worked hard to help us improve processes and communications.  Jim, we’ll miss you, but we know you’ll have fun with the grandkids and life on the farm!” – Jim Hewlett, Accounting & Financial Services

Everett Shull

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Everett retires as part of the Building Maintenance Services team for Facilities Management and has served for over 21 years.

David Takemoto-Weerts

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David has worked at UC Davis for 32 years, serving as the university’s Bicycle Program coordinator and ensuring bicycle safety and organization on campus. “We’re doing all these things to promote bicycle use and he’s got his hand in all of them,” said Cliff Contreras, Transportation Services. “He’s been a wealth of info for us and the campus, and the campus is better off for it.” David will be retiring on the same day as his wife, Barbara Takemoto-Weerts. 

Michael Williams

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Michael has served UC Davis for 34 years under Facilities Management Custodial Services.

More 2016 retirees

Sylvia Alves

Sylvia has been at UC Davis for 16 years serving as Human Resources Assistant in HR. She always decorates the public spaces for holidays and organizes treats on Friday afternoons. Her spirited personality will be missed around the office. 

Tracy Bennett

Tracy retires from her role with Budget and Institutional Analysis after almost over 29 years of service to UC Davis. 

Brian Benchener

Brian retires from Facilities Management with 19 years of service at UC Davis. Read more about his time here and his lifelong friendship with Steve Kynard. 

Michael Carson

Michael retires from Design and Construction Management after 10 years of service. 

Steve Farnham

Steve has worked for almost 30 years at UC Davis for Facilities Management, under Utilities. 

Hilaria Gurrea

Hilaria retires after 10 years from Facilities Management where she worked in Custodial Services. 

David Hinrichs

David has worked at UC Davis for 24 years with Design and Construction Management. 

Cynthia Kranc

Cynthia retires as part of the Building Maintenance Services team for Facilities Management and has served for 6 years. 

Thomas Kornelly

Thomas retires after 20 years working for Building Maintenance Services for Facilities Management. 

Steve Kynard

Steve retires from Facilities Management with 21 years of service at UC Davis. Read more about his time here and his lifelong friendship with Brian Benchner.

Barbara Lepenske 

Barbara has worked at UC Davis for 22 years in Accounting and Financial Services. Through the years, she has moved from working in Mail Services sorting and delivering mail to working on the administrative side, keeping track of mail changes and inventory. “Barbara always pitches a hand wherever needed, whether it be helping on a special project or filling in at the front desk,” – Jennifer Carmichael, Distribution Services 

Susan Moore

Susan Moore is an Associate Accounting Officer with Accounting and Financial Services and has worked at UC Davis for more than 22 years. She is responsible for the UCD Financial Report, Annual Financial Schedules, Chart Manager and coordinating the annual fiscal close.  “Whenever there is an accounting question, the first thought is “Ask Susan!” and she usually has the answer. If she doesn’t know the answer off the top of her head, she knows where to find it! Susan is also our voice of reason and is very honest and straight-forward and we love her for it!” – Laura Coletti, Accounting and Financial Services 

Charles Peter

Charles retires after working at UC Davis for over 10 years with Facilities Management. 

Michael Pretti

Michael retires after 35 years working in Facilities Management at UC Davis.

Nelson Randolph

Nelson retires after 35 years of service to UC Davis in Grounds for Campus Planning and Community Resources. 

Paul Rivette

Information Systems Manager, UC Davis Design and Construction Management.

Peter Shahrokh

After 21 years, Peter retires from his role as a commissioning analyst for Design and Construction Management. 

Irene Horgan-Thompson 

Irene retires as Director of Compensation, Benefits, Employment, and TES for Human Resources and has been at Davis for 37 years. “Irene is an institution. People across campus have her phone number memorized as the first place to go for HR help.” – Scott Yates, Human Resources

Romeo Ubaldo

Romeo has worked at UC Davis for 6 years with Custodial Services in Facilities Management. 

Clifford Young

Clifford has worked at UC Davis for over 29 years in Grounds Services for Campus Planning and Community Resources.