HR Services

Office Location and Staff Assignments


1050 Extension Center Drive (See campus map.)

Office hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Meetings outside of business hours can be scheduled at the client’s convenience.

Staff Assignments

Nancy Hernandez
Human Resources Manager

Tammy Washington
Senior HR Analyst

Melissa Ann Turner
HR Generalist 

We provide the following services for operating units of the Finance, Operations and Administration division.

Campus Programs
  • Administration/coordination of campus personnel programs such as EPARs, Merit Programs, Layoff Units, ERIT, VSP, Phased Retirement, etc.
Employee Relations
  • Layoff administration. Consultation prior to taking actions, STOP Program, participate in meeting with impacted employee.
  • Reorganizational actions. Consultation prior to implementing actions impacting employees' positions, workload, working conditions, etc..
  • EPARS tracking for represented staff.
    Copies of completed EPARS should be sent to SSC and Central HR.  IMPORTANT: EPARS not meeting expectations should be discussed with CPFS/FRM HR prior to issuing to employee.
  • Performance management/employee performance consultation. In partnership with managers/supervisors, drafts and or reviews Letters of Expectations, Letters of Warning, Letters of Suspension, Dismissals, etc.. Partners with E&LR Consultant, Terri De La Mora for final review of disciplinary documents.
  • Grievance response and representation.  Drafts responses to grievances, attends hearings, etc..
  • Sexual harassment complaints. Sexual Harassment Advisor (for CPFS/FRM), Susan Kennedy-DuHain, provides consultation on the handling/investigation/and follow up actions on complaints. Coordinates with Central HR, the Harassment & Discrimination Assistance and Prevention Program and UC Davis LDO (locally designated official).
  • Training and development. Consultation, coordination and assistance in the development of training plans for individuals and/or training programs for teams.
Position/Salary Management
  • Salary and equity analysis. For salary offers, reclassifications, equity requests, etc..
  • Stipend requests. Facilitate for approvals:
    • Represented employees. Reviewed by HR Manager prior to submittal to SSC.
    •  Non-represented employees. Reviewed by AVC/COO & HR Manager before submitting to SSC for processing. 
    • MSP.  Requires Sr. AVC review and support before submittal for final approval to Irene Horgan-Thompson, Executive Director, Human Resources.
  • Equity requests. Facilitate for approvals:
    •  Reviewed by AVC/COO, HR Manager before submitting to SSC for processing. 
  • Terminations. Process final separation pay and can request final check delivered to CPFS/FRM HR Building (old TAPS Trailer) at 1050 Extension Center Drive
  • Exit Interviews. Conduct/gather information and feedback from employees who voluntary leave their positions (promotions, retirements, transfers, etc.)
  • Review of Salary Actions prior to submittal:
    • CPFS units--Diane Davies-Conley
    • FRM units--Emily Galindo
  • Position descriptions. Assist in the development of new/revised position descriptions
  • Interview questions. Assist in the development of interviewing questions/review questions prior to interviews
  • Inerview panels. Participate as a panel member
  • Candidate review. Review disqualifications of candidates prior to offering to successful candidate
  • Reference/background checking. Reference checking and/or guidance.
Workers Compensation/Temporary Work Assignments/Accommodations
  • Management and coordination
Service Recognition/Retiree Awards
  • Management and coordination